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Have you forgotten your password? Has your email address ceased to be operational?

This type of configuration operations on your account is not available within our applications for Windows and Ipad. This is only place where you can tune in your account.

If you are already registered, please log in by clicking on this link.

New Users

If you are a user of our ipad application but you have never downloaded the Windows version, we recommended that you register an account with ChessApps.

Useful information

Here follows some useful advice on how ChessApps deals with user accounts on each different platform.

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ChessApps for Windows

When you make your first download within the Windows application, you will register an account in a very simple way. There will be no need to login again for future downloads.

Therefore it´s completely unnecessary to register a new account through this Website.

You only need to come here for configuration changes to your account.

ChessApps for Ipad

You can´t register an account with ChessApps from within the iPad app. Instead, the Apple account is used to download your books in the same way as the rest of applications do on that device.

However, many users of our Ipad application also occasionally use our Windows app. We provide the means to keep your books synchronized between each of them.

because you will be able to receive our newsletters and find out about all the news and offers, in addition to purchasing products with a discount that are only available at our Web Store.

ChessApps for both Windows and Ipad versions.

There are several scenarios that lead simultaneously to the use of our applications for Windows and Ipad, first one and then the other. For example, you might install the Windows version and months later you might buy an Ipad or vice versa. In any case, you will need to synchronize your downloads from both devices. ChessApps makes it easy for you to do that.

If you install our Windows app first, when you make your first download, in the process you will register an account. When you buy your Ipad, you only have to enter the email and password in the configuration options of the iPad application and your ebooks will be synchronized automatically.

If you install our Ipad app first and you download several books, no ChessApps account will have been registered yet. When you install our Windows application later, you will have to register an account within it, and then you can enter those credentials on the iPad to synchronize.

The online Web Store

Although both versions of the application have an integrated store, there is a third version of the store, located on this website. The three stores are identical in principle, but there are some subtle differences and eventually certain discounts will only be available exclusively at the Web Store.

Users must know that any purchase in the Webshop will automatically be downloaded into both applications.