A new way to enjoy Chess.

Chessapps, your intelligent board, always at hand.

Chessapps eBooks is a free chess books reader.

Whatever your level of play you will certainly be grateful to have a board handy when trying to follow a game or reading a chess article.

Chessapps offers you an interactive chessboard that is automatically synchronized with the text of the book and follows it as you read.

Play, analyze and annotate. Books come to life with Chessapps.
Juega, analiza

In addition to following the game with the comfortable mouse and keyboard navigation controls, with Chessapps you can do much more:

  • Enable speed-adjusted auto play. Sit back and leave the world behind. The show will continue as long as you want.
  • Enter notes and variations, analyze and store them along with the book. Forget about marginal notes. Chessapps organizes everything neatly.
  • Get computer support by turning on the analysis engine. You can copy directly one or more moves and analyze them.
  • Play against the computer any position of the book, whenever you want. You can set the time, analyze moves and save the game.

Fast and comfortable navigation: “We turn the pages for you”
Navegación rápida y confortable

The program recalls the exact point you left each book the last time. It also allows you to move around quickly with the built-in navigation controls, and know at all time how much we have read. Moreover, to scroll through the book, you can:

  • Consult the index and one-click access to each chapter.
  • Consult the index and display items with one click desired heading.
  • Save your favorite games or plays in your favorites.

Author’s notes and texts: “Happy together”
Notas suyas y textos del autor

The ability to "put your hand on the board" provides tremendous training opportunities. While reading a chess book, how many times have we wondered what would happen if we do this or that move? Indeed, one of the salient features of this reader is that at any time the user can submit questions in the most natural way possible, by making their move on the chessboard. We encourage you to do so.

Chessapps can’t spoil anything, because the original books are not altered in any way by the user's actions. All variations and added notes are stored separately, and can be shown, hidden or deleted.

And if you just want a good read?

As a good book reader, you can also enjoy Chessapps without the interactive chess board. Both in the Windows version and the iPad version, you can enjoy reading content which is simply a pleasure, and remember those wonderful times when Fischer defeated Spassky and all the associated anecdotes or learn about our most promising talents. In addition to this, you can always enlarge the images and photos to see them better.

If you are an Ipad user, comfort goes even further. By rotating the tablet you can automatically hide the board and enjoy a more comfortable read. Future versions for Windows 8 tablets will also have this functionality.


Learning functions: “The home trainer”
el entrenador en casa

With Chessapps, the use of chess puzzles takes on a new dimension. It’s not only about solving the first move, but finding the complete solution, simulating a real game and even activating a chess clock. For years this was the preferred training method of the Soviet school, and now Chessapps puts it at your fingertips: no need for a coach.

As the user advances in solving the exercise, the program will answer with the moves provided by the author or activate the analysis engine if necessary. It's a very intuitive process; you just have to follow the screen indications.

Use and customizing of the program: "Easier impossible"

There is nothing to learn, everything is simple and transparent for the user. But before you start we suggest you explore the different possibilities offered by the program and customize the board, pieces and other functions at your convenience. In any case, we recommend that beginners should leave activated the options of “show coordinates” and “show last move”.

The shop is integrated within the application.

Presentación La tienda integrada

Downloading the new books is simple and intuitive. The application has three views:

  • Book. Here you can read the content of the book, interacting with the board.
  • Store. Where you can visualize our catalogue and purchase new books.
  • Library. A wonderful book-shelf where the downloaded books are kept.